TixGear One format is needed to create seating plan in INKSCAPE or similar SVG Editor. TixGear One has been developed for designers who create seating plans. TixGear One seating plan is transformed to TixGear Optimized SVG (TOS) seating plan by the Editor app.

Imperial Theatre seating plan in TixGear One format (691 Kb) --> Editor --> Imperial theatre plan in TixGear optimized format (293 Kb)

Editor checks optimized seating plan size to ensure that 400 bytes/seat limit is not exceeded. If the limit is exceeded you’ll see the warning window:

In the case of Imperial Theatre seating plan in TixGear Optimized format (293 Kb), there is 293 000 bytes / 1 552 seats = 188.79 bytes/seat. So it's OK.

TixGear One seating plan consists of seats, price categories group, legend group and decorations. Let's open the Imperial theatre seating plan (TixGear one format) in INKSCAPE 1.1:

1. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format. Open XML editor (ctrl + shift + x, or Edit -> XML Editor) in Inkscape.

2. Ctrl + left mouse click on seat and look at the XML Editor. Inside SVG file seat is always a circle tag with the seat’s number (21) in its title:

In a seating plan, seats are arranged in rows and sectors. Seats of one row have to be grouped by “g” (group) tag, where the sector name is the group label ("3rd tier, Middle") and the row's number is the group title ("6"):

3. Seating plan must have the Legend group. You can copy and paste it into your new seating plans.

4. Seating plan must have the PriceCategory group. In most cases, it doesn't matter what currency and prices are listed in a seating plan, because prices will be set later after creation of a session. What is more important is the number of price categories, because you will be unable to add new categories after session is created. It’s always better to have some extra categories in this group:

Price category color is used to fill seats with this price. Also, there is "text" tag inside the PriceCategory group, which contains prices and currency identifier:

5. Designers feel free to create seating plan decorations, but they have to fit to the optimized plan size limit of 400 bytes/seat.